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Preview: Enterprise Application Development with CockroachDB III

Advanced strategies to reduce contention, enhance bulk operations, and drive enterprise application growth.

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    30 minutes/week

About This Course

Welcome to the preview of “Enterprise Application Development with CockroachDB III.” In this sneak peek, we invite you to explore a module on minimizing contention-driven retries, a critical aspect of database performance tuning. This section sets the foundation for advanced techniques and best practices that will be covered in detail throughout the full course.

By engaging with this preview, you’re taking a significant step toward mastering the intricacies of transaction management in CockroachDB. We look forward to sharing techniques and strategies that will help you enhance your skills and prepare you to tackle real-world challenges in enterprise application development.


Students should be familiar with the following concepts:

  • Intro to Distributed SQL Concepts
  • Serializable Isolation level
  • Transaction contention in CRDB

A good prerequisite course for this is Enterprise Application Development with CockroachDB II

Code examples use SQL and Java

Detailed course outline with Future Content included!

Course outline

  • Preview Content
    • Video: Reducing contention with locks
    • Exercise: SELECT FOR UPDATE to lock on read
    • Quiz: Reducing contention with locks
    • Exercise: Contention simulation using Java
  • Future Content
    • Video: Making bulk writes more efficient
    • Video: (Part 2) Making bulk writes more efficient
    • Exercise: Splitting a bulk update by Primary Key
    • Exercise: Splitting a bulk update by Secondary Indexd Key
    • Quiz: Using bulk writes to reduce contention
    • Video: Reads without contention - AS OF SYSTEM TIME
    • Exercise: AS OF SYSTEM TIME
    • Video: Making small writes to a big row (Column Families)
    • Exercise: Updating your schema to use Column Families
    • Quiz: Column families

Course Staff

Instructor Name
Kiki Carter
Sr. Staff Curriculum Developer @ Cockroach Labs

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