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Enterprise Application Development with CockroachDB II

A hands-on guide to best practices for application (client-side) transaction handling in CockroachDB.

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    1.5 hours/week

About This Course

Welcome to Enterprise Application Development with CockroachDB II!

This course equips developers with best practices to master application-level (client-side) transaction management. The best practices in this course will help you to sidestep common application transaction pitfalls with confidence.

In this course, you will:

  • Strategically balance transaction breadth and duration to optimize performance.

  • Deploy advanced techniques like Common Table Expressions (CTEs) to simplify complex queries.

  • Explore the intricacies of client-side auto-commit in JDBC with Spring and JDBI.

  • Delve into connection pooling strategies to maximize resource efficiency and responsiveness in your applications.

Practical scenarios and hands-on exercises bring your learning to life, enabling you to apply and evaluate your skills directly.

Whether you're building or optimizing applications with CockroachDB, this course provides the knowledge to make client-side transactions efficient, resilient, and scalable.

Enroll in this course to elevate your transaction management expertise in CockroachDB!

Examples are in Java.

Suggested prerequisites

It would be helpful to be familiar with the following:

  • At least one programming language (particularly Java).
  • General familiarity with SQL and connecting with a SQL shell.
  • Some familiarity with developing applications using client-side transactions in CockroachDB. A great place to learn this is our Enterprise Application Development with CockroachDB I course!

Detailed course outline

  • Minimizing Contention
    • Lesson - Minimizing transaction breadth and duration
    • Quiz - Minimizing transaction breadth and duration
    • Exercise - Minimizing transaction breadth
    • Exercise - Minimizing transaction duration
  • Implicit Transactions
    • Lesson - Implicit transactions
    • Quiz - Implicit transactions
  • Auto-commit in JDBC
    • Lesson - Auto-commit in JDBC retries
    • Quiz - Auto-commit in JDBC
    • Exercise - Modifying auto-commit boundaries in using JDBI and Spring
  • Connection Pooling
    • Lesson - Connection pooling
    • Quiz - Connection pooling

Course Staff

Kiki Carter
Kiki Carter
Sr. Staff Curriculum Developer @ Cockroach Labs


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