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Building a Highly Resilient Multi-region Database using CockroachDB

A hands-on introduction to building highly resilient databases in a multi-region environment using CockroachDB.

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    90 mins/week

About This Course

This course is part of a series introducing solutions to running low-latency, highly resilient applications for data-intensive workloads on CockroachDB.

In this course we’ll focus on the question -- How do I survive large-scale infrastructure failures, like losing an entire cloud region, without losing data during recovery?

We’ll show you how to use CockroachDB Survival Goals in a multi-region cluster to implement a highly resilient database that survives node or network failures across multiple regions with zero data loss.

Suggested prerequisites

It would be helpful to be familiar with the following concepts:

  • CockroachDB clusters, forming quorums and consensus
  • Data distribution and replication in CockroachDB
  • Cloud topology terms - Region & Availability Zone

A good prerequisite course for this is Intro to Distributed SQL and CockroachDB

Detailed course outline

  • Course introduction
    • Video: Example Application
    • Video: Core Use Cases for a Multi-Region Database
    • Setting up your environment
      • Video: Exercise Environment
      • Exercise: Intro to cockroach demo and MovR database initialization
      • Quiz: Exercise environment
  • CockroachDB Multi-Region Cluster & Architecture
    • Video: How a CockroachDB Multi-Region Cluster & Architecture Works?
    • Note: How cockroach demo simulates a Multi-Region Cluster & Architecture
    • Exercise 01: Identify Regions for MovR Application in a Multi-Region Cluster
    • Quiz: CockroachDB Multi-Region Cluster & Architecture
  • Region and Zone Resilience
    • Video: Adding Cluster Regions
    • Exercise 02: Part 1: Create a multi-region database
    • Video: Non-Voting Replicas
    • Video: Zone Survival Goal
    • Exercise 02: Part 2: Create a multi-region database
    • Video: Exercise 02 Recap
    • Video: Setting a Region Survival Goal
    • Exercise 03: Setting a Region Survival Goal
    • Video: Exercise 03 Recap: Setting a Region Survival Goal
    • Quiz: Resilient Multi-Region Database
  • Summary
  • Appendix
    • Note: Local development environment instructions
    • CockroachDB Multi-Node Cluster & Public Cloud Refresher
      • Video: How a CockroachDB Multi-Node Cluster Works
      • Video: How a CockroachDB Multi-Node Cluster Provides Resilience
      • Video: How Public Cloud Zones and Regions are Structured

Course Staff

Kiki Carter
Kiki Carter
Sr. Staff Curriculum Developer @ Cockroach Labs

Kiki is a leader and lover of cloud-native architecture, advocacy, and delivery. She enjoys transforming heritage platforms into massive scaling, high-throughput, low latency systems. Kiki thrives on cultivating successful environments through creative exploration of developer experience, training, and delivery discipline. Kiki is also passionate about computer ethics and the symbiotic relationship between humans and machines.

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