Training FAQs

Q: Does it cost anything to use Cockroach University?

A: No! Our courses are available for free so everyone can learn about CockroachDB.


Q: Are there other courses other than “Getting Started with CockroachDB” and "CockroachDB for Python Developers" I can take?

A: This is coming soon! We encourage you to sign in on the Cockroach University page to receive a notification when our next course is ready to take enrollments.


Q: I’ve seen links on the Cockroach University pages to a Slack group. What is it used for? And should I join?

A: Our Community Slack group (or “workspace” in Slack terminology) is a forum for the community; it’s a place for learners to ask and answer questions, work through problems together, and gain access to our course teachers directly during Office Hours (times are posted in Slack). We encourage all learners to join us on Slack!

Note that, once you join, you should add yourself to the #cockroach-university channel for course-related questions.


Q: I didn’t pass my course. Can I take it again?

A: Yes, you may take a course whenever it is offered again, or at any time for self-paced courses.


Q: I received a certificate of completion from Cockroach University. How do I add it to my LinkedIn Profile?

A: Nice job passing your course! To add your certificate to your LinkedIn Profile, you:


1. Click on the Certificates tab on your dashboard

2. Click the Copy link to clipboard button below the correct certificate 

3. Click on the Add to LinkedIn Profile button (LinkedIn will open up and ask you to log in if you haven’t already)

4. Fill in the details on the resulting page.

a. For the Name field, use: {Course Name} Certificate of Completion

b. For the Issuing Organization field, use: Cockroach Labs

c. For the Credential URL field, paste the link you copied in step 2.

Voila! Your certificate is now visible on your profile.


Q: I wanted to resume a course, but was taken to the beginning of the course. How do I get back to where I left off?

 A: You can always find where you left off by finding the last checkmark () in your course overview sidebar. This marks all of the learning sections you’ve completed so far.


Q: If I do not pass the certificate test, how do I retake it?

A: If you re-enroll in the course from the Course Catalog you will be able to take the certificate test again.