Fundamentals of CockroachDB for Java Developers
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In this course, you will build a full-stack ride-sharing application in Java using Sprint Boot with Spring Data JPA. You will start with a simple version that manages a fleet of scooters and their current positions. You will add features one by one as the course progresses until you have a highly functional application that is ready to track vehicles and users at scale.

How to create and modify a table in the SQL Shell
How to perform transactions using Java Hibernate/JPA
How to model your data's schema in Java Hibernate/JPA
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Diana Carroll
Curriculum Developer
Crossman Wilkins
Curriculum Developer
Training, Cockroach Labs
Will Cross
Curriculum Developer
Training, Cockroach Labs
Installation and Setup
Getting Started
Introducing MovR
Getting Started with the MovR Labs
Lab: Create and Populate the Vehicles Table
Developing your Application
MovR Application Architecture
Lab: Configure and Start MovR
Modeling, Reading, and Writing Data
Implementing Service Methods
Lab: Add Vehicles in the MovR Application
Lab: Delete Vehicles in the MovR Application
Creating Tables and Relationships in the SQL Shell
Defining Entity Relationships
Lab: Track Location History
Using Arrays and Altering Tables in the SQL Shell
Lab: Create Database Tables for Users and Rides
Lab: Add Users and Rides to MovR
Final Exam
Final exam
Wrapping up
Frequently Asked Questions