Introduction to Distributed SQL and CockroachDB
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2 hours
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This course introduces the core concepts behind distributed SQL databases and describes how CockroachDB fits into this landscape. You will learn what differentiates CockroachDB from both legacy SQL and NoSQL databases, and how CockroachDB ensures consistent transactions without sacrificing scale and resiliency.
By the time you finish the course, you'll be able to describe the key functionality that brings people to CockroachDB.
You'll learn about CockroachDB's distributed transactions with strict ACID guarantees
You'll be able to describe how CockroachDB ensures availability and resiliency of your data.
You'll learn about CockroachDB's seamless horizontal scalability.
You'll experiment hand's-on with CockroachDB's ability to survive node and even datacenter failure with minimal disruption.
Presented by
Lauren Hirata Singh
Manager, Documentation
Cockroach Labs
Will Cross
Staff Curriculum Developer
Cockroach Labs
Welcome to the Course!
Welcome to the Course!
Chapter 1: Distributed SQL and CockroachDB
Introduction to Chapter 1
A Brief History of Databases
The Future of Databases: Distributed SQL
ACID Transactions
CockroachDB: A True Distributed SQL Database
Chapter 2: Resiliency and Availability in CockroachDB
Introduction to Chapter 2
Cluster Concepts: The Keyspace, Ranges, and Replicas
The Raft Protocol in CockroachDB
Availability and Durability in a Three-Node Cluster
Resiliency in Large Clusters
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