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Relationships in SQL

Learn how to translate relationships between objects in your application into the database language

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    2 hrs/week


This is a beta release of an upcoming course. As a result, you may find portions of the course that are unfinished or incorrect. Please use the Feedback button in the bottom right of your screen to report any issues you encounter.

About this course

For a developer working with complex objects and relationships between them, it's important to know how best to store and retrieve that data from the database, and map the code objects to the relational data in the database.

In this course, you will learn to map your business critical data from your application code to a SQL database efficiently and elegantly, and learn key SQL features to help minimize application complexity.

In this course, you'll learn how to:

  • Combine data from multiple data sources using joins
  • Model one-to-many object relationships in a relational database
  • Use foreign key constraints to ensure referential integrity
  • Model many-to-many relationships in a relational database
  • Model object inheritance in a relational database
  • ...and more!


We recommend that you complete the following course before starting this one:
  • Getting Started with SQL for Application Developers

Course Length

  • 2 hours

Course Staff

Alex Yarosh
Alex Yarosh
Senior Curriculum Developer @ Cockroach Labs
Will Cross
Will Cross
Staff Curriculum Developer @ Cockroach Labs