Fundamentals of CockroachDB for Python Developers
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In this course, you will build a full-stack ride-sharing application in Python using the popular SQLAlchemy ORM. You will start with a simple version that manages a fleet of scooters and their current positions. You will add features one by one as the course progresses until you have a highly functional application that is ready to track multiple vehicle types and users at scale.

How to create and modify a table in the SQL Shell
How to perform transactions using Python/SQLAlchemy
How to model your data's schema in Python/SQLAlchemy
Presented by
Will Cross, Ph.D.
Curriculum Developer
Training, Cockroach Labs
Crossman Wilkins
Curriculum Developer
Training, Cockroach Labs
Installation and Setup
Set up your environment
Set up a CockroachCloud Cluster and Load Initial Data'
Chapter 1: Basic Operations
Getting Started with the MovR Labs
MovR Application Architecture
Lab: Start MovR
Modeling, Reading, and Writing Data
Database Operations in SQLAlchemy
Lab: Add Vehicles in the MovR Application
Lab: Delete Vehicles in the MovR Application
Viewing MovR's SQL Queries
Lab: View MovR's SQL Queries
Chapter 2: Adding Features
Creating Tables and Relationships in the SQL shell
Modeling Tables in SQLAlchemy
Lab: Track Location History
Using Arrays and Altering Tables in the SQL Shell
Lab: Create Database Tables for Users and Rides
Lab: Add Users and Rides to the MovR Application
Using JSON Data
Lab: Define a JSON Column
Lab: Add a JSON Column to the MovR Application
Final Exam
What to Expect
Final Exam
Exit Survey
Wrapping Up
Frequently Asked Questions