CockroachDB Query Performance for Developers


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This course will introduce you to key CockroachDB features to improve the performance and functionality of your applications.

In the course you will work with CockroachDB SQL to gain the skills to:

  • Analyze a query execution plan
  • Add indexes to avoid expensive full table scans
  • Improve sorting performance
  • Efficiently query fields in JSON records

You will create your own CockroachDB cluster in the cloud using CockroachCloud Free, then connect to your cluster using the CockroachDB SQL shell installed on your desktop.

Before taking this course, you should have some familiarity with SQL. If you’ve never used CockroachDB before, we suggest you take our “Practical First Steps with CockroachDB” course first.

If you need help, our docs can be used for references on things like installing and using the CockroachDB SQL shell and SQL command syntax.

The CockroachDB Community Slack has a #cockroach-university channel where you can interact with other learners and the Cockroach Labs Training Team directly.

Good luck, and enjoy the course!


2 hours