Fundamentals of CockroachDB for Java Developers


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In this course, you will build a full-stack ride-sharing application in Java using Sprint Boot with Spring Data JPA. You will start with a simple version that manages a fleet of scooters and their current positions. You will add features one by one as the course progresses until you have a highly functional application that is ready to track vehicles and users at scale.


Along the way, you will learn how to:

  • Deploy a free CockroachDB cluster on CockroachCloud
  • Model your data in JPA
  • Perform transactions such as adding, removing, and updating rows

Before taking this course, you should have experience with Java and application development. It is helpful but not required to be familiar with SQL. If you’ve never used CockroachDB before, we would also suggest taking our “Practical First Steps with CockroachDB” course first.

For this course, you’ll be using CockroachCloud's free tier, which is our database-as-a-service offering.

If you need help, our docs can be used for references on things like syntax, SQL examples, and additional tutorials. The example app, MovR, uses Spring Boot. For help, you can refer to:

The Community Slack has a #cockroach-university channel where you can interact with other learners and the Cockroach Labs Training Team directly.

Good luck, and enjoy the course!


4 hours